It's an offensive move used in professional wrestling to lift and whip the opponent with forcefulness.

Abolipop created this project in 2009 to continue releasing stuff despite the sudden changes in the music market (even independent), we love the culture at large, as consumers and producers, and we're open to new platforms and formats. Suplex publishes EPs, unreleased tracks, live sessions, oddities from Abolipop's artists and guests, and some reissues of our first records.

The format can be mp3 or collectible editions on CD, CD-R, cassette or vinyl, as well as books, videos and other kind of works and projects.

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Paisajes sonoros


Suplex 34
Julio Cárdenas, Mirna Castro, Enrique Maraver, Diego Martínez y Leonardo Santiago.

Voces. Santa María la Ribera es un fanzine producido por Israel Martínez con el apoyo del Museo Universitario del Chopo, en la ciudad de México, y con la colaboración de diversos artistas que residen, trabajan o circulan constantemente por el preciado barrio de Santa María la Ribera. Este fanzine, enfocado principalmente en los oficios y la cultura de la zona, es distribuido de forma gratuita realizando perifoneo. Como parte de este proyecto, un grupo de artistas dedicados al sonido nos entregan paisajes sonoros del barrio capturados en los primeros meses de 2014. Escuchar es necesario para entender nuestro tiempo.

Descarga aquí


Registro de conciertos en el MAZ y Laboratorio Sensorial


Suplex 33
Jorge Uriel Nájera, Bicephalo, Miguel Mesa, Arturo Ortega, Luciano Rodríguez, Yair López, Par-Ásito 5000 y Armando Castro.

Esta compilación es una memoria auditiva del ciclo de conciertos realizados en el marco de la exposición Tinnitus y Fosfenos, llevado a cabo en el Museo de Arte de Zapopan y Laboratorio Sensorial en los primeros meses de 2013, y en el que participaron distintos músicos experimentales jaliscienses utilizando la Mesa de disección de audio, un sistema diseñado por Andrés Aguilar para ofrecer una estación de trabajo en vivo para varios artistas con una salida multi-canal.

Descarga aquí


Jalisco's hardcore-punk scene register


Suplex 32

After several year digitizing demos, rehearsals, concerts and some vinyl as well as compiling images, flyers and other memorabilia, we finally offer you the vastest document about Jalisco's hardcore-punk scene (the first on its type in Mexico) since its very beginning until mid nineties. Includes Israel Martínez, Germán Hernández and Horacio Espinosa texts, files from several contributors and music by Sedición, Atheos, Sin Razón Zoocial, Empirismo, Diluidos en el Sistema, Garigoles, Tried, Fallas del Sistema, among others. This document is essential to get to know a generation that broke into a very conservator society.

Download here Part A
Download here Part B



Los Nuevos Maevans


Suplex 31

Los Nuevos Maevans are a key group for understanding the roots of Mexican nihilistic punk movement which subsequently led to scenes like crust or pornocore; no leaving aside, of course, a political activism committed to a variety of causes, and many that they don't even know. Intergalactic referent of the non-vegetarian anarcho punk and the improvisation in every sense of the word, Los Nuevos Maevans release their first album after intense touring battling the Mexican Social Security Institution (IMSS).

Download here


Memento Mori


Suplex 30

New release of this young Mexican experimental musician, focused again in the creation of robust atmospheres, but this time the electronic timbres share the space with several field recordings and digital processes emphasized in some pieces. Almost forty minutes of introspection and aural pleasure.

Download here




Suplex 29

Through minimalist sounds that progressively interweave, Miss Yenny Tails reflects about mourning and both individual and collective mechanisms to cross the pain that comes with loss. A fine and immersive work, with great acoustic development. A good reason to stop the time and listen.

Download here




Constelaciones EP


Suplex 28

Mondragon leads us through an ambient experience using electronic tools ​​almost by hand, brushing each sound carefully, fusing melodies and atmospheric layers without losing a pop notion. One notable proposal by this young Mexican electronic musician.

Download here

  Yair Primitivo

Train Window


Suplex 27

Dreamy and playful sounds make up this work of young electronic composer Charles Modulation, who from the city of Leon decided to put aside their context to offer an introspective and also funny music. Heir from the IDM sound of the nineties in Europe and the last decade in Mexico.

Download here




Suplex 26

Printed Project, part of the exhibition "Flânerie" by Israel Martinez, held in MURA from March to May 2013. Contains essays and text-graphic works by Martin Mora, Holger Schulze, Paulina Ascencio, Mariana Ampudia, Luciano Sandoval "Chano", Daniela Cadena and Martínez himself, focused on topics such as leisure, travel, detachment and the visual element in the soundscape. Limited edition of 300 copies. If you want a copy please write an email requesting it and you will get information about price, payment and shipping.

  Yair Primitivo

Urban butchers


Suplex 25

The trio of Giuliani, Ortega and Ambriz has created Urban Butchers, a free improvisation project mainly guided by the power of the voice, bass and percussion. Since its beginning this recording takes us convulse places, dynamic, a kind of broken hardcore, minimalism and great ease; the flute establishes slight pauses, short enough to resume the listening agitation. Two tracks to shake the ears so accurate.

Download here


Rancho Lur


Suplex 24

The Rancho Lur has been a place to reflect on the ravages of rapacious capitalism in the metropolis, from there Armando Castro offers an improvisation session with acoustic guitar, shortwave radio and tape deck motor, plus a collective improvisation from the ranch barn, activating all kind of objects from the place. Includes photos by Nelly Carrillo and a text by Israel Martínez. Rancho Lur is a project about experimentation, friendship and dialogue.

Download here




Suplex 23

Over nearly thirty minutes, the duo Muz Muz drives us through thick atmospheric scapes that lead to strident sections and, suddenly, to the stillness: the seemingly static, tiny. A punctual piece of acoustic enjoyment, of power and stealth. Muz Muz is one of the most notable emerging projects from the healthy experimental music scene in Mexico City, place strategically your speakers and fill the space with its rough sonic layers.

Download here

  Yair Primitivo

Bicephalo EP


Suplex 22

Bicephalo's music is spontaneous, playful and affable. This duo, comprised of visual artists Gabriel Rico and Edgar Cobian, has absorbed a vast body of electronic and experimental music, thus giving seven tracks ranging from glitch to ambient, with a pleasing melodic development through synthesizers and other elements which show that, as its visual work, Bicephalo is a project on constant process.

Download here

  Yair Primitivo

& Various Artists
In Memoriam


Suplex 21

With the participation of: Francisco López, BJ Nilsen, Murcof, Janek Schaefer, Rogelio Sosa, Manrico Montero, Iris Garrelfs, Philippe Petit, Lumen lab, Alvaro Ruiz, Nicolas Wiese, Simon Whetam and Huixtralizer.

In Memoriam is a work created specially for the exhibition Fragmented, held in June 2012 at The Tin Tabernacle, London. Based on his experience strolling throughout the eccentric cemetery Jardines del Humaya, located in Culiacan (Mexico), Martinez captures shocking messages that relatives and friends leave to their dead printed on canvas. This second phase of the project was built with input from various artists and now we invite you to place the audio in your portable player to listen, preferably, on headphones while walking through a park, garden or any space that encourages introspection, recreating the feeling to transit Jardines del Humaya.

Download here


Shhhiittt live!!


Suplex 20

Live session recorded in a powerful performance at Laboratorio Sensorial, Guadalajara MX in 2012. Lumen lab revises several tracks from Shhh!! and Comiendo algodón en la pista de baile, of course reconstructed, and also shows us a couple of unreleased songs: electronic hardcore, break beats, glitch and all the electroacoustic discharge that distinguishes Lumen lab, a great prelude to its third album.

Download here




Always arriving late


At At 20 / Suplex 19

Nebula 3 "Always arriving late", ten years collection available for free download!

Created in 2002 by Israel Martínez, the first era of Nebula 3 was influenced by ambient - pop and that sound known at that time as indietronic, becoming one of the first projects with this touch in Latin America. This work is a collection of unedited tracks and oddities, as well as recent compositions related to this first sound of the project. In a co-production together with At - At Records we invite you to take your telescope and navigate into the ether through Nebula 3.

Download here

  Yair Primitivo

Primitivo branquiado...


Suplex 18

After the publication of some works of soundscape and circuit-bending, the Mexican young artist Yair López releases a new piece of almost fifty minutes, produced through improvisations with a Roland Juno-D synthesizer and digital processes on computer. The rough sound slowly drives us into a territory of acoustic richness with a less gestural activity. The pleasure comes from discovering those auditory layers in the apparent, and sometimes stormy, calm.

Download here


La Fakin Actitud


Suplex 17

Energy and exploration are two important words to describe the work of MalaFama, Mexican MC and producer devoted to the hip-hop culture for over a decade. "La Fakin Actitud" includes collaborations of several producers along Mexico, as well as the participation of Jack's son and Bandido, key elements of abstract hip-hop in the country. A powerful album to be listened in transit through the city, drinking beer with colleagues and, of course, in a live session, sharing all the rage and frankness that distinguishes to MalaFama.

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  La escalera inaudita

La escalera inaudita


Suplex 16

Oscar Rojas is a young contemporary psychonaut who is not intimidated to fuse his influences of progressive rock and psychedelic music with drones and sound experimentation, using his voice and various instruments, as well as the computer. "La Escalera Inaudita" is a long duration track that immediately traps up and invites us to the introspection, fading away the sense of time quickly.

Download here


Aire polar


Suplex 15

Kommodor is a new project that fuses synth-pop with ambient touches and slight winks to the most elegant techno. Its members have been part of electronic bands for over a decade in Mexico, as well as activists of the contemporary art scene. Includes remixes by Signal Deluxe, Bandido and DJ Lennon. Luminous!

Download here

  26 clasicos en 1

26 clásicos en 1


Suplex 14

The pirate copy of the pirate copy. 26 songs from the golden age of Mexican popular music are merge to create a great track. This reissue also includes DJ set performed in Ex Teresa and Analco neighborhood in 2007 and 2008, transforming the original pieces in a hypnotic wave of ambient and noise. Only 50 numbered copies.

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  Lucky book

Lucky book


Suplex 13

Following the publication of talented emerging artists from Mexico, Inpút Mod Fx releases this work which will surely remember different eras and aesthetics from electronica, mainly break beats, semi-spatial sounds and surrounding synthetic melodies.

Download here

  Amorphous silica

Amorphous silica


Suplex 12

The duo of brothers Carlos and Marco Fierro is one of the most powerful and solid youth projects of sound experimentation and improvisation in Mexico. Using electric bass, synthesizers and pedals, among other artifacts, achieve a loud sound while emotive and diverse.

Download here

  Gestos poseidos

Gestos poseídos


Suplex 11

A new generation of Mexican experimental electronic musicians begin to offer us great experiences. One of them is Huixtralizer, who presents in "Gestos poseídos" 45 minutes of ghostly sounds that disturb the ear and push us to introspection.

Download here






Suplex 10

Selection of work done on purpose, recent or unpublished, by renowned Mexican musicians or a vibrant young generation. Tracks from Lumen lab, Israel Martínez, Rogelio Sosa, Juanjosé Rivas, Signal Deluxe, Jack's son, Nebula 3, Fernando Vigueras, Carmina Escobar, Huixtralizer, Kommodor and other artists.

Download here

  Galvanized corpse

A galvanized corpse


Suplex 09

In recent years Mexico has developed one of more interesting experimental music scenes in the world, Juanjosé Rivas is one of most renowned artists. Using plenty of improvisation tools and strategies give us this powerful stuff, which also dips deeply into the experience of circuit bending.

Download here

  Broadband star

-o) ) )Returning Signal


Suplex 08

During 2004 to 2006, Mauricio Solis created dreamy music as Broadband Star alias, a project influenced by different coordinates of ambient, IDM, hip-hop, literature, utopia and dreams. In 2008 he made his last concert in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), this is the live recording, a brief testimony of the galloping melancholy that evoke his sounds.

Download here

  Pygmy Jerboa

Top Secret Jazz


Suplex 07

Pygmy Jerboa is a duo focused on improvisation with live electronics, homemade / junk instruments and voice. Their music keeps a free pulse and constant play, proposing a disquieting synthesis exploration. For electronic music followers, beyond genres.

Download Here




Suplex 06

For two years Israel M did several sessions of improvisation with the guitarist Fernando Vigueras. "Sigilo" (Stealth) was recorded on March 2010 and is a sample of the pertinent dialog among both musicians: atmospheric layers, field recordings and digital processes flow along with timbric & gestural explorations from guitar.

Download Here



  Peak experiences

Peak experiences


Suplex 05

New stuff from well-known Mexican minimal techno producer Transistor. Four tracks which will guide you to a deep experience of corporal movement and mental joy.

Download Here

  Bandido el reten

El retén


Suplex 04

First work of Bandido. 7 tracks of abstract hip-hop and other electronic music influences. Includes graphic art by Reten, well-known Mexican graffiti artist.

Download Here

  Loon a Moon

Loon A Moon


Suplex 03

Posthumous album of Vektor. His legacy is this collection of tracks produced since 2004 until his last days fighting cancer. Digital jazz, glitch and ambient pop are some references in this lovely work.

Download here






Suplex 02

A sampler of recent works (beginning of 2009) of Abolipop artists, includes tracks by Lumen lab, Carrie, Nebula 3, Signal Deluxe, Jack's son, Bandido and Vektor.

Download Here

  Lovely gray

Lovely gray


Suplex 01

Unreleased and live tracks compilation after "Another way". Synth pop and digital new wave with the elegance that distinguishes Nebula 3. Includes a remix by D.ego (Lumen lab, Jack's son) and alternative versions of tracks from Fax and Fangoria.

Download Here

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